10 Online Pokies that Pack a Superhero Punch

Piers Daubeney

Posted On:   JAN - 01 - 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes


Superheroes are more prevalent that ever. Residing mainly on comic books, superheroes have successfully transitioned onto the big screen with movies such as Avengers breaking a billion dollars at the cinema.
It was therefore only a matter of time before online pokies would get the superhero treatment as well. There are now dozens of online pokies based on superheroes that come packing with great graphics and bone crunching sound effects. We look at 10 of the best superhero themed online pokies nz.

superman_the_movie_online_slotSuperman the movie

Regarded as the first successful superhero movie, Superman the movie was a breath of fresh air. It had groundbreaking effects for the time and a story that still stands the test of time. This online slot is based on the first movie from the trilogy and has 100 paylines to offer. It is also a progressive jackpot which truly makes it super! It also comes with pretty graphics and has a coin range allowing to spend as the billionaire Lex Luthor or Clark Kent.

Superman_2_online_slotSuperman II

Given the success of the first online slot game, a game based on the second movie was only inevitable. Similar to the movie this casino game pits Supes against Lex Luthor and three other Kryptonians. While some regard it to be inferior to Superman the Movie, If you are lucky enough to match certain symbols, you might end up winning up to 500x your stake.

man_of_steel_online_slotMan of steel

Another online slot based on Superman but this time forgoing the movies that came out in the 70’s and instead focusing on the most recent incarnation of Superman. This online slot features Henry Cavill and has great bonus modes as well as great multipliers of up to 1,000 your stake. Furthermore you can bet as low as NZ $0.02!

the_dark_knight_online_slotThe Dark Knight

Moving over to the next big superhero from DC, the Dark Knight features a high-quality 3D graphics and low stakes. The stakes are so low that they you can bet with as little as NZ $0.01 and still be in a chance to win NZ $1 million or more. The slot also has another trick up its sleeve similar to Batman’s utility belt in that it is a progressive jackpot.

justice_league_online_slotJustice League

Bring together the most popular characters from DC such as Superman and Batman and you get the Justice League. While the movie was a critical flop, the online slot is fantastic. Not only does it come with superb graphics but also potential wins as starting from 2,000 coins. Add the fact that this is a progressive jackpot and you have a great online slot on your hands.

planet_of_the_apes_online_slotPlanet of the apes

While not technically a superHERO, this online slot is based on super intelligent monkeys trying to take over the world. The slot features two screens which doubles the paylines from 20 to 40. Both the movie and online slot have been warmly received so don’t forget to check this game out.


Play as Maximus Decimus Meridius with more than five reels and with 50 paylines. Throw in a ton of extra features including a 100 Free Spins bonus round and you have a fantastic game on your hands. If you are also able to match the game correctly then you can land into 2000x multipliers.


A character that defied all odds to become the world heavyweight boxing champion, Rocky is a true superhero. While he may not possess super speed or flight, he does display enough heart and character to overcome his most difficult obstacles. This online game from Playtech comes with five reels and 25 paylines. You can play as Rocky Balboa for as little as NZ $0.01. If you can get five Rocky’s in a row then you win 10,000 times your bet which is one hell of a knockout punch.

pink_panther_online_slotPink Panther

A superhero in the eyes of many with impeccable timing, this slot features the bumbling Clouseau as he finds his way to the diamond through clues. This game from Playtech is lighthearted allowing you to pick up the jackpot-only game or legendary progressive.


While not the most popular of superheroes, the Highlander features exciting visuals and sound effects. Infact the graphics of the game change drastically between two locations Scotland in 1536 and New York in 1985. The game comes with different wilds and a maximum win of 100,000 coins. If you are a fan of the movies, then you will no doubt find this online pokies very exciting.

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