3 Online Casino Fails That Were Too Good To Miss

Piers Daubeney

Posted On:   APR - 21 - 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Technological advancements have become a part of our daily lives. Whether it is your iPhone due for another update or your favourite gaming console getting its next instalment. Whatever the product or service might be, technological improvements have become a regular part of our lives.

The same is also true for online casinos. Gone are the days of slow loading casinos that were difficult to navigate through. Searching your favourite game was a chore and when you did find one, often times you were required to download the online casino software.

Online casinos today are fast, slick with an easy to use interface. They are littered with 600+ games (1000 in some cases) and offer the very latest in graphics and sound effects. The casinos are governed by rules and regulations and have bulletproof defence mechanisms against malicious threats.

This is until the online casino technology fails, exposing bugs in the system. You may have never come across such bugs but there are some individuals who have been lucky enough to discover and exploit these to their full potential. In this article, we list three instances where bugs were discovered by eagle eyed players that helped them win big at the online casino.

NZ Online Casino

The first bug was discovered at one of the biggest NZ online casinos. Players at this casino were able to get their reward before the game had even stopped playing. All that was required was for the NZ player to stake NZ$ per spin on an online slot machine. The profit from the bet was handed over to you before the reels had even stopped spinning. Can you imagine starting up your favourite Online Pokies and then receiving the profit before the game has even come to an end!

Divine Intervention

The second bug was discovered on a game called Divine Fortune. If you are unfamiliar with this name, Divine Fortune is an online slot from Netent and is based on Greek mythology. It is a progressive slot and features symbols such as Pheonix, Medusa and Minotaur. It is a medium variance slot that gives you the opportunity to win up to 600 times your stake.

Divine Fortune Online Pokies

So now that we have the introduction out of the way, the bug in this slot was not discovered by a player on its own. It was a technical error that exposed the weakness in the game that started handing out huge jackpots to almost every player. Needless to say, Divine Fortune was made temporarily unavailable at the casinos. It was sent back to the programmers who fixed the issue and sent it back. The game can now be enjoyed in all its glory at various casinos such as ShadowBet and JackpotCity.

No Money, No Problems!

The last bug on the list is truly fascinating. This comes courtesy of another NZ online casino where some players discovered they could play blackjack without having any funds in their account. To clarify further, this was not a demo game but an actual real money game at a real money casino. You could log into this casino, head over to the blackjack game of your choice and start playing with a zero balance in your cashier!

King of Las Vegas

Bugs are not just relegated to online casinos. There is a famous story of a man named John Kane who strolled into Silverton Casino in Las Vegas to play on a poker machine called ‘Game King’. Kane hit the first jackpot ($4,300) after six minutes of playing and followed it up with two more wins ($2800, $4,150). A total of eight jackpots were won by Kane in under two hours which alerted the security and it was deduced that Kane had found a bug in the game. A bug that he had reported a while back to another casino on the other side of town. That casino had paid no attention to Kane’s revelation which ultimately allowed him to win big at Silverton.

So, next time you visit an online casino keep an eye out for any anomalies. As you can tell, there are always glitches to be had with technology and whether you exploit or report them is up to personal preference.