5 Lucky Rituals for Winning at the NZ Casino

Piers Daubeney

Posted On:   NOV - 21 - 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes

For most part, playing at a casino means that you are relying on lady luck to be on your side. On some occasions the luck favours the brave while on others it can decide to call in a sick day. However, that has not stopped mankind from performing lucky rituals to increase their chances of winning. We have compiled the five most popular rituals still being practiced by players all over the world.

Horoscopes and Lucky Items of Clothing

For some it is a must to prepare accordingly before they delve in gambling. This can involve checking out horoscopes and seeing if the stars above are predicting a fruitful day at the casino floor or are they encouraging the player to stay away from casinos. Biorhythms are also consulted but once again this is less scientific than one would care to admit. Others will associate items of clothing as being lucky. A t shirt from their favourite brand, lucky shoes or jewellery. They will wear repeat items that they believe have brought in good luck to them the last time they tried online gambling.

Wishing and Praying for Luck

Wishing wells are a common phenomenon all over the world. Players will toss money into a fountain or a body of water before heading out into the casino. The Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy collects an average of 3000 euros each day. In 2016, a massive €1.4 million was thrown in the fountain! The logic being that throwing the coin releases a bit of coin karma which in turn brings them good luck.

Others will want to attract the power of divine intervention and will head to the casino holding crucifixes, crosses while playing their preferred games. Some are less conspicuous and will pray out loud which is something we would advise you to only when you are playing at an online casino and not when amidst several other players at a land-based casino.

Carrying a Lucky Charm / Talisman

Apart from the rosemary beads and crucifixes, players are known to bring other lucky charms to the casino as well. Some will display them openly while others will keep them hidden. Poker players are known to carry card protectors as they believe the tactic disguises their true intention at the table.

The bingo crowd is known to be a fan of the Troll dolls (dolls that exploded onto the retail scene in the 1960s). A bingo hall is usually filled with players carrying these dolls with hair in every conceivable colour. For those walking into the hall for the first time, the experience can be both pleasant and eerie at the same time. Stuffed animals such as teddy bears are also seen on casino floor.

Manipulating the Machine

The outcome of playing a slot machine whether offline or online can never be determined. While some claim to have cracked the code, the fact of the matter is that outcome is purely random. This does not stop players from getting some what intimate with the slots they are playing and can be seen talking to the machine, kissing it in hopes of persuading the machine to grant them favours. They will develop certain patterns of play with casino games as well, pressing a certain button with only their left hand on the basis of a certain outcome and then pressing it with the right on other occasions.

The most common practice involves removing and reinserting slot cards. This is based on the theory that the slot machine might think it is a new player and that the bad luck of the old player might not necessarily transfer over to the new one. Some will frequently cash out to provide the slot machines with a supply of fresh bills to once again present themselves as a new player to the slot machine.

Make Your Own Luck

At the end of the day there is no empirical evidence to suggest that the rituals above are a sure way of cracking the casino. If teddy bears and trolls were that effective, then the casino floors would be buried in a sea of stuff toys. However, believing in these rituals brings happiness to players which in turn allows them to have a better time at the casino.

From our point view, we would encourage you to use the rituals that you feel most comfortable with but always be respectful of how they would affect the players around you. Shouting at slot machines might prove to be lucky for you but it might also create an uncomfortable environment for others to play in. So be responsible and respectful when playing at a land based or online casino.