6 Reasons to Write Online Casino Reviews

Piers Daubeney

Posted On:   JUN - 15 - 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes

It has become common practice to trawl through product reviews before deciding on your next purchase. The purchase does not have to be extravagant and can be as simple as buying a toothbrush. Fact of the matter is that it helps to read reviews before parting ways with cash.

The same can be said for the gambling industry. Reading an online casino review helps you find your ideal casino. Reviews such as those that you will find at newcasinos.co.nz are fairly comprehensive and touch upon numerous aspects of the casino.

These include talking about the welcome offer to the Online Pokies available to the type of customer support they have to offer. It is our way to telling you exactly how it is and for the casino to take of any shortcomings that we may have identified.

We are not on a mission to defame casinos (unless they truly deserve it!) but to help our fellow gamblers feel safe and secure when playing their next casino game.

Every Gambler’s Responsibility

This is why we urge you, the players to leave feedback on sites like ours. It is imperative that you highlight not only the negatives but also the positives about the NZ casino that you were playing it.

If the casinos are too arrogant to list their shortcomings, then you need to step up and announce to your fellow players what they might be getting themselves into.

In this article we will list 6 reasons as to why you need to provide feedback on the casinos currently servicing the NZ market.

  1. Let it all out!

What can be more therapeutic than belting out a terrible review for a casino that has done you wrong. We have all been there – late withdrawals, customer service department that has no clue what to do with your query. Rather than taking it on the chin quietly and accepting it as another fact of life, we urge you to write about your experience.

This will help you blow off some steam and your frustrations might prevent another player from falling into the same trap. Once again, you are paying for a certain service and if the service fails to deliver than you have every right to complain.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Positives

We hate to admit this but it is human nature to spend more time complaining about a service than writing rave reviews. We have all been guilty of visiting an online casino and jumping on the forums afterwards to complain about the bits and bobs that were not working.

But what about the stuff that was working? Did we ever think that mentioning the positives might help paint a more accurate picture of the casino? This is why it is all well and good to vent out your frustrations, it is also great practice to mention the positives when you experience them.

If your withdrawals were processed ahead of time, then write about it. If the customer support team were able to provide an extra bonus for your trouble, then praise the team.

Rather than jumping on a bandwagon to bash a casino, take a step back to provide a more objective view of your experience. This will surely help others and will also encourage them to do the same.

  1. Sharing is caring

Your actions, whether large or small contribute to the betterment of the entire gambling industry. If your overall experience at a casino was bad, then you need to tell it like it is. If others share the sentiment, then the casino will have no choice but to take note and hopefully undertake steps to rectify the problems.

Whether the feedback you provide is negative or positive, you are contributing to the industry. Take the time and effort to publish your reviews on sites / platforms that receive a lot of traffic and there is a high chance of the casino fixing its problems.

Similarly, positive mentions of the casino will allow other players to visit the site. It will allow them to compare their current experiences with the ones you have described in your review. They will either then stick with their current option or switch over to yours depending on what you have written.

  1. You want to be seen

Everyone has an opinion these days and they beauty is that you have been given enough platforms to publish them. One such platform is YouTube where players will now go as far as to film themselves while playing at a casino.

Streamers have made a decent living by reviewing casinos every day. While you may consider it slightly daft to watch a casino review, the fact is that there is a huge demand for it.

Today there are tons of reviewers all across the globe depositing and playing at online casinos to give you, a prospective player a good luck at the casino.

Such is the power of video that a simple search for the term “product review” on Youtube comes back with over 37 million results.

  1. It may just change your perspective

Say you have had a bad experience at a casino, and you are all set to tear them down in your review. Before you do that, it would be helpful to see what others have written about the casino. Did they experience the same shortcomings as you did or was your bad experience a one off?

Reading reviews written by other players will help you determine whether your experience was a one off. However, if everyone is complaining about the same thing then you can be sure that there is a serious problem with that aspect of the casino. The more reviews you have the better the decision you can make.

  1. Someone needs to do it!

In today’s world, we are somewhat spoilt due to the abundance of information available at our fingertips. We all want other players to direct us to the absolute best casino without dipping our toes into the water.

In such instances, you are less likely to write a review yourself. Can you identify the problem you would face if everyone adopted the same approach? Yes, that is right, there would be no reviews to read.

As a result, we cannot urge you enough to leave honest, detailed feedback when playing at casinos. This will help other players and also shape the industry in a positive manner.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time so when visiting a casino next, make sure to leave a nice, unbiased review of your experience.