How to Find no Deposit Bonus Codes

Chistopher Abela

Posted On:   JUN - 22 - 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes

What are no Deposit Bonus Codes?

A no deposit bonus code is exactly what it sounds like. You input a code when visiting an online casino which in turn gives you some sort of bonus. You will be required to fill out the registration form with accurate details if you are to use this freebie.

The no deposit bonus can include anything from free spins to free play to bonus cash. Yes, it is really that simple. You can access these rewards from the comfort of your own home by simply signing up to an online casino.

How to Find no Deposit Bonus Codes

The more difficult question you need to ask yourself is how you can find these bonus codes. In this article, we will provide you with an updated guide on how to find, access and use the latest no deposit bonus codes available in New Zealand.

Review Section

Ever wondered why affiliates dedicate a good chunk of their website to the casino review section. Even if you look at our review section you will find over 40 operators (ever growing list!) that we have reviewed.

We go through each and every aspect of the casino to provide a thorough review. These reviews include an overview of the games available, the type of licenses the casinos hold and their banking options as well. You will also find information on welcome bonuses including no deposit bonuses.

We would encourage to check the review section on a more regular basis as it is updated frequently with new codes, offers and loyalty programs the casinos have to offer to new and existing players.

Never Settle for an Online Casino

Ever get that awkward feeling where you enter a restaurant but the moment you sit down you realise it is not the place you wanted to eat? Chances are that if you are like me, you will get up and leave but some folks will sit there to avoid the awkwardness.

The good news in online gambling is that you can create accounts at different casinos. You can leave a casino that is not fulfilling your requirements without feeling awkward. This is exactly what we recommend you do.

Try out as many casinos as possible and never settle for just one. Due to the competitive nature of the gambling industry, online casinos are regularly offering no deposit bonuses to both their existing and new customers.

You need to make sure that you are aware of these special promotions and should have an account ready to take advantage of them.

Get as many bonuses as you possibly can as they will allow you test out the different games of the casino.

Look out for Offers from New Casinos

A continuation of the previous point, there are several new casinos entering the NZ market on a monthly basis. With every new brand wanting a slice of the pie, they will provide extraordinary no deposit bonuses to snatch players from their competitors.

Take advantage of new casinos coming into the market. Be bullish by asking for no deposit bonuses at the beginning as this is when the casinos are most likely to give them to you.

Once they become established and have a decent player base, their efforts switch from acquisition to retention of their players.

As a result, they might start to reduce their bonus offering in terms of size and frequency. When that starts to happen then head over to Google and search for ‘new casinos’ and visit a few of them to get an idea of the type of bonuses they can offer.

Loyalty is Rewarded

This might seem like an oxymoron considering that we are preaching you to try out as many different casinos as possible. The fact of the matter is that after some time of experimenting, you will have a good indication of the desirable traits you are looking out for in a new casino.

You are likely to become familiar with their design, site layout and the payment methods they offer.

When that happens, you are likely to become what is defined as a ‘loyal customer’. Good casinos realise the importance of having a loyal player base and will often reward such players for their loyalty.

This can be in the form of VIP / Loyalty programs whereby you are given extra bonuses which can include no deposit bonus codes as well.

The best part is that you don’t have to haggle your way into getting these bonus codes. Casinos with loyalty bonus programs notify you about their offers on your account or via email.

They will also take note of your playing behaviour and will reward you on games that you prefer e.g online pokies, table games etc.

Join a Casino Forum

Once you have read the casino reviews, it is also a good idea to double check your findings by visiting casino forums. While such forums might be thin on ‘casino review’ content, they will allow you to interact with other players.

Players will be posting about their experiences at other casinos including what they did and didn’t like. These can include informing the gambling community about any potential offers and codes that are available at a casino.

This is an excellent source of information as it is coming directly from the players. Keep an eye out for these forums and visit them now and again to ensure that you are always up to date with any new bonus codes.

Head Over to Streaming Sites

It was only a matter of time before the gambling community would take to Youtube to advertise their products and services.

There are tons of casinos out there that have dedicated channels on Youtube and Twitch whereby they publish ‘How To’ guides to help players register accounts at their casinos.

They are also likely to market certain promotions via these channels as well.


No deposit bonus codes are an excellent way to test out casinos. It takes minimal effort on your part to create an account and take advantage of the bonus offer.

As always, make sure you read through the terms and conditions so you are fully aware of what is required to cash out your winnings should you use these bonus codes.