Top 10 Animal Themed Online Pokies

Chistopher Abela

Posted On:   FEB - 15 - 2020

Reading Time: 7 minutes


By now you may have come across online pokies based on superheroes or even the dark and seedy world of crime. Have you ever ventured into the animal kingdom? Animal themed online pokies have become increasingly popular of the last few years. The improvement in technology has allowed for a theme to be based on practically any animal with hilarious results. You can find online pokies based on cats, elephants, pigs, rabbits to name a few. In this article, we list the top 10 online pokies that have won the hearts of gamblers in New Zealand.

birdz-onlineslot1. Birdz

Released by Games Warehouse, Birdz (with a ‘Z’ not ‘S’) gives you five reels and three rows to play on. You get 30 paylines on a backdrop that has three telephone wires tied to two telegraph poles. With each spin, the birds land on the the telephone wires forming different combinations. The online slot gives you a dazzling array of birds that come in different colours. An egg takes place of the wild symbol that replaces all others to form the winning combination. Additional bonus features are added including Birdz bonus trails, and the Birdz Blitz. The bonus trail ensures the light hearted theme of the slot continues with features such as  Pecking Order, Scarecrow, Shotgun x2, Shotgun Zap,  and Cracking Wilds.

7piggies-onlineslot2. Seven Piggies

Heading over to a completely different animal, Seven Piggies is a cute farm themed online slot by Pragmatic Play. The game is played against a backdrop of fields and windmills while the reels feature a collection of baby, teen, princess and builder piggies. There is also a class of vampire piggies thrown in for good fun. The gold, king pig forms the wild symbol and replaces everything apart from the barn scatter and offers awards of 50, 400 or 1,500 coins if you land 3, 4 or 5 on 1 of the game’s 7 paylines.

whiterabbit-onlineslot3. White Rabbit

The white rabbit is an exciting casino game by Big Time software provider. Eagle eyed viewers will be quick to point out the connection between this slot and Alice in Wonderland. With five reels and 248,382 paylines, the game includes a wild symbol, the scatter, free spins, extending reels, feature drop, and a cupcake. Not for the faint hearted, this online pokie is highly volatile and you and stand on making a max win of 10,000 x on your stake.

pinkelephant-onlineslot4. Pink Elephants

Is anyone thinking of the fantastic cafe/bar in Belgium when the word Pink Elephants comes up? (just us then…) Pink elephanks is a great looking online slot introduced by Thunderkicks in 2017. As you may have guessed already, the African savannas form the backdrop of this trippy online pokie. The game features six reels, four rows to form 4096 paylines. The game also features bonus an scatter symbols, wild and free spins. It also comes up with a fairly RTP of 96.1%!

elephantking-onlineslot5. Elephant King

Continuing with the elephant theme is another online slot by IGT called the Elephant King. The game comes jam packed with free spins and a golden disk feature. It offers players five reels, three rows and 40 paylines. Apart from the gorgeous graphics depicting the golden hues of the Savannah, players get to enjoy a soothing soundtrack as well. Other animals such as rhino, zebra and deer make up the higher value symbols. If you happy to be lucky on the day you are playing the slot, you can enjoy additional  bonus features that include a Prize Disk together with Elephant King free spins!

wolfrising-onlineslot6. Wolf Rising

Some players consider this to be the greatest online pokie ever put up by IGT. The game is set in a cold winter forest with hungry wolves searching for their prey. Sound effects such as hooting owls truly capture atmosphere of the cold, harsh environment adding to the excitement of playing the slot. Wolf Rising is a five reels, six line video slot where you can win a maximum prize of 250,000,000 (we lost count of the zeros!) It also features the usual assortment of bonus features and free spins making this one of the greatest animal themed online pokies out there.

pawsoffury-onlineslot7. Paws of Fury

Out of the harsh environment depicted by Wolf Rising and into a quiet, serene temple, Paws of Fury has a panda in the lead role. The panda strives to achieve zen like status and is found meditating in the temple. Once again we cant help but notice the strong resemblance the slot bears to the Hollywood blockbuster, Kung Fu Panda. While we are not against such adaptations we do feel that some of the bigger software providers are becoming a tad lazy when it comes to new ideas for their online pokies. Regardless, this is a fantastic game that has five reels, three rows, 20 paylines and generous five bonus features. It also offers an Enter the Panda mode where you can win as much as 100 times on your bet!

pandasfortune-onlineslot8. Pandas Fortune

Pandas Fortune is a highly volatile slot offered by Pragmatic Play. The asian themed slot comes with 5 reel, 25 paylines and has the panda as the wild symbol. The wild replaces all other symbols apart from the Yin Yang bonus iconn. You can play as little as NZ $0.25  per spin or go as high as NZ $125 if you dare to get more fortune! The game is beautiful to look at and features lions, frogs, koi fish and butterflies to further improve its visual appeal.

cats-onlineslot9. Cats

You didn’t think that a top ten animal themed pokies list would be complete without some mention of our feline friends did you? Cats is an IGT release that has wild cat symbols such as lions, panthers, leopards and cheetahs. The game offers 5 reels, 30 video paylines and has proven to be a hit in both land based and online casinos. You can play for as little as NZ $0.30 and benefit from split symbols whereby symbols count for two instead of one. It also includes a free spins feature making this an extremely enjoyable online pokie.

prowlingpanther-onlineslot10. Prowling Panther

IGT really do have a knack for creating fantastic cat theme online pokies and Prowling Panther is another hit on their every increasing portfolio. Based on the elusive but equally dangerous panther, this game offers players 720 ways to win for only 50 coins. Payable from NZ $0.50 a spin to a whopping NZ $1,500 a spin, Prowling Panther also offers an abundance of free spins. Prowling Panther has also earned a reputation for itself in land based casinos due to its volatility.

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