Online Casinos and Machine Learning

Piers Daubeney

Posted On:   SEP - 04 - 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around for quite some time now. Until recently they were used primarily in the IT and technology sectors to streamline their process. Now AI is being used in a lot of other industries to improve processes like customer service, operational efficiency, customer experience, etc.

Many sectors including healthcare and agriculture have seen immense benefits of machine learning and AI. Even the global gaming industry is also slowly embracing these technologies that are revolutionizing the way we play and paving way for new entertainment experiences.

Online casinos with Machine Learning
When it comes to gambling, New Zealand has strict laws that prohibit New Zealand citizens to operate or own online casinos. However, there are no rules that prohibit citizens from participating in an online casino that is located overseas.

Online casino is growing in New Zealand at an explosive pace which is why the spending has increased ten times from 1985 to 2008. There has been a constant innovation in the gaming experience which is compelling players to keep coming back.

AI and machine learning is the latest technology that is being tested to give a personalised experience to the players. There are a lot of online casinos that are offering machine learning as a feature.
Machine learning is most commonly used in online casinos to understand the taste and preference of a player and give a customised experience. It also helps in giving game suggestions based on the player’s history which matches it. Machine learning is also used as a chat bot that can answer general queries of the players.

Machine learning in Game Development
Another area where machine learning is playing a pivotal role is in game development as it can give more detailed information about customer preferences thereby creating a game that fits perfectly with the player’s need.

Game developers are now creating online pokies that are dynamic and can respond to individual players by changing certain elements in the game. The result is a more immersive and imaginative experience for each player.
The availability of vast data of players along with improvements in the processing power has made the game developers create a custom experience for each player. Machine learning dives deeper into the data using huge subsets to perform many tasks autonomously and learn from the previous action to change inputs and outputs for a better experience.

Machine Learning in Mobile Gaming
Mobiles have come a long way since they were first invented. Today more than half of all the global gaming industry revenue comes from mobile gaming. This is because of the convenience that a phone offers to players of playing from anywhere and anytime.
Initially, there were certain limitations for mobile phones like power and storage restriction. However, due to technological advancement in smartphones, they can now compete with PC and console gaming in terms of quality and convenience thanks to specialized processing power given by AI chips installed in them.

Playing against the Machine
Machine learning has also made games that were earlier offline like Chess or Go to come online. Now a player can compete against non-human opponents that play exactly like a human thanks to AI.
Machine learning uses all the data available to replicate the moves of a human player even in casino games that are complex in nature. Today an online chess game can learn how to strategize and win over human opponents thereby giving players the experience of a real-life opponent.

Machine learning for Player Retention
In land-based casinos, the data from customer behaviour was used to figure out ways to keep them engaged for a longer duration. This data even helped in designing the layout of games on the floor and allowing the casino to anticipate how a customer will move around in the casino
Something similar is being done in an online casino with the help of Machine learning. By using a large amount of data, a customised experience is created that will compel players to stay on the site for a longer time. Many online casinos operating in New Zealand are using this new technology to give amazing customer experience.

As this technology improves and becomes more and more affordable, it will be adopted by many gaming companies to deliver a high-quality experience tailored for each player to fulfill his need. Pretty soon the entire gaming industry will undergo a huge revolution that will change the entire gaming experience.