Five Unbelievable Casino Stories

Piers Daubeney

Posted On:   JUL - 03 - 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes

A trip to a casino be it online or land based is always exciting. You can never be certain as you enter the casino if your day will end up on a high or a crushing low for you.

What is guaranteed is that there will always be drama if not for you then maybe the person playing next to you.

This becomes even more exhilarating the stakes are high as you will now see from these five crazy casino stories we have compiled for you.

Patricia Demauro |Age is but a Number

The phrase ‘too old for this’ is thrown around quite casually. Sometimes it can be true in the case of physical sports where your body will simply not allow you to perform at its peak but there are times where it bears no effect on the outcome of an event.

Case in point is a lovely grandma by the name of Patricia Demauro.

Patricia became famous after rolling a pair of dice 154 times without throwing a seven. For statisticians out there, the probability of that occurring is 1 in 1.56 million! Patricia was able to achieve this feat in 2009 at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

Not only did she walk away with thousands of dollars, but she also set the world’s record of the longest craps roll with the most successive dice rolls without throwing a seven.

It took her 4 hours and 18 minutes to achieve this feat much to the pleasure of bystanders and casino staff. Still think you are too old to play at an online casino?

FedEx | $5000 gamble That Saved the Company

FedEx is a behemoth in the world of courier and shipping but did you know that at one stage FedEx was all set to close its doors?

There was a time when the founder of FedEX, Frederick W. Smith was left with just $5000 of company money which was not enough to save the fledgling enterprise that was bleeding $1 million a month.

No investors were keen on bailing out the company so Smith decided that such dire circumstances called for some innovative thinking.

Smith took the $5000 and made his way to Las Vegas where he played blackjack and defied all odds by winning $32,000. This was enough to pay for the fuel costs of the planes and keep the business afloat for the next few days.

Luckily for Smith, a few days is all it took for him to raise a further $11 million which saved the company from bankruptcy ultimately leading to its current form, valued at about $35 billion.

Aloha Las Vegas | Babysitter Wins $2.4 Million

Another fantastic Las Vegas story comes courtesy of a 24-year-old babysitter. Jessica Agbunag travelled to Las Vegas in 2008 in remembrance of her grandmother’s birthday.

Her grandmother loved playing the pokies and often travelled to Las Vegas to play at her favourite casino, California Hotel and Casino.

Agbunag did the same and travelled to the casino with her boy friend where she initially started off by winning smaller amounts.

However, nothing could prepare Agbunag for the jackpot that she ended up hitting. Agbunag put a total of $16 at the Wheel of Fortune which returned a jackpot win of $2.4 million.

Lucky Boy | 8-Year-Old Wins Half a million Dollars Playing Poker

From grandmas winning big at the casino to the other side of the age spectrum. This story comes courtesy of , Aashish Nanak, an 8-year-old boy who allegedly won half a million dollars playing at an online casino. Nanak, born in India was a tech guru who fell in love with computers when he was just three years old.

Such was his love for computers that only a year later he had developed his first web page.

Fast forward a couple of more years and he was playing online poker using his uncle’s account. Things get a bit murky here because it is claimed that the online casino did not process his poker winnings due to his age.

Upon further investigation it was also revealed that casino staff were aware of his age and had given the boy the nickname of ‘little poker wizard’

Mega Loss | $120 Million Down the Drain

The last story in our article is an entertaining yet sad story especially for the person involved in it. Terry Watanabe was famous in the Las Vegas gambling circuit for his lavish spending. Watanabe was identified as what we call a ‘whale’ in the gambling circuit.

Given his status, all casinos on the strip were keen on showering him with perks that mere mortals could only dream of. These extras included a three-room suite and a $17 million gambling limit!

Now you might think that a multimillion-dollar gambling limit is a bit much but consider this – Watanabe is said to have bet more than $825 million and lost $127 million in The Rio casinos and Caesars Palace in 2007.

These are record losses and Watanabe has the dubious honour of going down in the history books as the someone who lost the most amount of money at a casino.

We hope this article was both entertaining and information for you. We learnt that age is not a factor when playing at a casino and that good or back luck can strike you at any time. All we stress upon is that you gamble responsibly and within your means. Keep online gambling fun!