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What’s Card Counting? The term ‘blackjack card counting’ is exactly what you think it means. It is the act of counting cards in a game of blackjack. It refers to you paying attention to every card that is being dealt...Read More

MAY - 11 - 2020Author: Julie Bowring

Several versions of Texas Hold ‘em poker have sprung up over the years and Texas hold 'em is one the most popular ones out there. The game starts off with two cards being dealt to each player face down followed...Read More

MAY - 05 - 2020Author: Julie Bowring

There is no way to predict lottery numbers as they drawn at random. However, the beauty of having technology at your side is the ability of creating patterns even from randomly drawn numbers. We have managed to analyse lotto data...Read More

FEB - 01 - 2020Author: Julie Bowring

Living in New Zealand, you have the option of playing different types of lotteries. The NZ lotto are generally held on a weekly basis and can be divided into the following categories. NZ Lotto 6/40 The perfect place to start...Read More

JAN - 28 - 2020Author: Julie Bowring

There are hundreds of online pokies that are available for you to play. There are pokies based on tv shows, movies and even comics! However, if you have explored all of these options are keen to take your playing experience...Read More

DEC - 21 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

Kiwis are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing their favourite casino games. There are tons of reputable online casinos offering the best and latest games both on the desktop and mobile format. However, before you tap your way...Read More

DEC - 14 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

I have already written a comprehensive article highlighting the benefits of nz online casinos versus land-based casinos. Online casinos offer a bigger selection of online pokies with much bigger pay-outs. Given that you can select online pokies with a click...Read More

NOV - 13 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

One of the benefits of playing video poker is the transparency with payback also known as return and the house edge the game has to offer. Another aspect of video poker that we need to look into is variance or...Read More

OCT - 28 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

In this part of the video poker guide we will look at what payback, return and house edge mean and how these terms are interrelated to one another. Payback The term ‘payback’ also referred to as ‘return’ means what the...Read More

OCT - 21 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

Now that you have familiarised yourself with rules of the game and table layout as explained in previous parts of the video poker guide, we can move onto the betting routine. Regardless of what casino game you have decided to...Read More

OCT - 14 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

We hope that you enjoyed PART 1 of this guide and are now up to speed with what to expect when faced with a video poker machine. In PART 2 of the guide we turn our attention to the pay...Read More

OCT - 07 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

The 1970's saw a popular entry to the world of gambling in the form of video poker. If you are a fan of casino games of skill with a low house edge and the possibility of large wins then look...Read More

OCT - 01 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

Players are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what type of lottery to play ranging from regional and national lotteries to overseas lottos and instant win scratch cards. Before you delve into the world of lottery it is...Read More

SEP - 10 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

Card counting is a trick used by seasoned players to get an edge over the casino. While some believe this to be a near impossible feat, counting cards can be mastered and used to increase the chances of winning a...Read More

SEP - 05 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

As the list of NZ online casinos continues to grow, various tactics will be used by the operators to attract the players. These normally come in the form of welcome bonuses which can include match deposit bonuses and free spins....Read More

SEP - 02 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

While technology has come a long way allowing us to play our favourite casino games on our mobile devices, for many land-based casinos still provide the ultimate gaming experience. The sights and sounds, the glitz and glamour that comes with...Read More

SEP - 01 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

The history of bingo can be traced back to the 1500’s where people enjoyed a game called ‘beano’ which saw players strike off numbers on their cards that were drawn from a sack. While technology has moved on quite a...Read More

AUG - 28 - 2019Author: Julie Bowring

Online roulette is an easy game to pick up which gives both beginners and experienced gamblers an equal chance of winning. While some games such as poker, blackjack rely upon the skill of the user, online roulette is purely a...Read More

AUG - 21 - 2018Author: Julie Bowring

As far as simple casino games go, online scratch cards are right at the very top with uncomplicated rules and a gameplay that literally requires you to peel away a card to reveal the content underneath. At its biggest payout,...Read More

AUG - 21 - 2018Author: Julie Bowring

Online blackjack is a casino game that does not solely rely on chance. Unlike roulette or scratch cards, you can get better at the online game by reading up on the rules and following certain tips and tricks. The game...Read More

AUG - 21 - 2018Author: Julie Bowring