Another month and another casino that outshines the rest of the pack to be declared our ‘Casino of the Month’. As you can probably tell, we are ecstatic by the increase in the number of online casinos available to Kiwis....Read More

JUL - 16 - 2020Author: Julie Bowring

Online casinos are all the rage these days and rightfully so. They provide a huge variety of casino games wrapped in a skin that is sleak and easy to use. Best bit is that you don’t even have to leave...Read More

JUL - 07 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

Summer has finally arrived and Gate777 is all set to spoil you with a fantastic casino promotion. Aptly called the Hot Summer Fun Tournament, Gate777 will give you a chance to grab up to NZ $6500 in cash or 700...Read More

JUL - 06 - 2020Author: Julie Bowring

A trip to a casino be it online or land based is always exciting. You can never be certain as you enter the casino if your day will end up on a high or a crushing low for you. What...Read More

JUL - 03 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

We are going to admit that naming your online casino after a flightless bird does not instil a ton of confidence. Of all the animals that the owners could have chosen, why go for this one right? They could have...Read More

JUN - 29 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

What are no Deposit Bonus Codes? A no deposit bonus code is exactly what it sounds like. You input a code when visiting an online casino which in turn gives you some sort of bonus. You will be required to...Read More

JUN - 22 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have noticed an emerging trend in New Zealand…More and more online casinos have started to make their way into the market. The main reason seems to be the regulation of...Read More

JUN - 18 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

It has become common practice to trawl through product reviews before deciding on your next purchase. The purchase does not have to be extravagant and can be as simple as buying a toothbrush. Fact of the matter is that it...Read More

JUN - 15 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

The Cabaret Club is yet another online casino by the Palace Group. Founded in 2009, the casino takes you back to the 1930s and 1940s in a good way. We are talking about sexy jazz clubs and casinos full of...Read More

MAY - 20 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

Disclaimer! This article is not for the faint hearted. We review the top ten sexiest online pokies that come oozing with sexiness and great gameplay. The online pokies on the list come courtesy of renowned software developers and include titles...Read More

MAY - 09 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

Going into a land based casino involves more than just playing your favourite pokies. While that may be the primary reason for visiting the casino, you also need to be mindful of the tipping etiquette which can be confusing at...Read More

MAY - 07 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

So, you think you know everything about gambling. You think that just because you have visited both land based and online casinos that you are familiar with every aspect of gambling. Well, let us amaze you with some facts about...Read More

MAY - 03 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

When you talk about online gambling on a global scale, there are few countries that immediately spring to mind. These include UK, Sweden and Germany but with the tightening of rules and regulations, online casinos are now making their way...Read More

APR - 28 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

Technological advancements have become a part of our daily lives. Whether it is your iPhone due for another update or your favourite gaming console getting its next instalment. Whatever the product or service might be, technological improvements have become a...Read More

APR - 21 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

In a recent study funded by the Ministry of Health reveals that gambling venues provide respite for women from family responsibilities. However, this comes at a cost especially for those women with a lack of social support. The report also...Read More

APR - 19 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

Game show themed online pokies feels like a match made in heaven. We all love tuning into your favourite game shows, playing along with the contestants, living life vicariously through them. The good news is that a handful of software...Read More

APR - 01 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

Popularity of TV shows is at an all-time high which means that a collaboration between online gambling and TV was only inevitable. The turn of the 21st century has seen multiple online pokies based on TV shows. Leading software providers...Read More

MAR - 24 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

When visiting an online casino, you are most likely to make a deposit using the more traditional banking options. For New Zealand and Australia, there is another payment method by the name of POLi that is extremely popular. The payment...Read More

MAR - 14 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

In our post for 5 Lucky Rituals for Winning at the NZ Casino we wrote about the casino tips and tricks that gamblers use to win at online casinos. Some were fairly standard while other seemed a bizarre. In this...Read More

MAR - 10 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

March marks the beginning of autumn in New Zealand. It is a month that gives you that winter feel with a low sun and a cool breeze. While the month may not be best from a tourist point of view...Read More

MAR - 01 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

The popularity of online casino games is at its peak with players opting to play their favourite games from the comfort of their home. Gone are the days when you had to queue for your casino game or had to...Read More

FEB - 27 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

SkyCity Entertainment Group reported a boost in profit in the first half of the fiscal year. However, upon closer inspection, things don’t appear to be as rosy as the group would lead you to believe. As per the figures released...Read More

FEB - 25 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

There are tons of sci-fi themed tv shows and movies but only a few have been converted into online pokies. In this article we list the six most popular sci-fi themed online pokies which include robots, aliens and even a...Read More

FEB - 22 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

The Waipā District Council is not convinced that the sinking lid rule should be added to the gambling policy in their municipality. This decision was taken after a committee meeting was held to determine any amendments were required to the...Read More

FEB - 21 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

You have online pokies based on videogames, superheroes, animals and it was inevitable that you would see cartoon themed online pokies as well. We have all grown up watching cartoons and some still continue to do so. For the team...Read More

FEB - 19 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

Get your fancy headphones, turn your speakers to the max because we are about to unveil the top 10 music themed online pokies that you can play right now. The online pokies boast fantastic visuals and booming soundtracks. So if...Read More

FEB - 16 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

By now you may have come across online pokies based on superheroes or even the dark and seedy world of crime. Have you ever ventured into the animal kingdom? Animal themed online pokies have become increasingly popular of the last...Read More

FEB - 15 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

You may have already read our article on superhero themed online pokies and this time we decided to go towards the dark side. There are tons of crime-themed online pokies that have made their way into the most reputable of...Read More

FEB - 13 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

We are already down a month in 2020 and hopefully you have managed to recover from your January Blues! As we enter February, we set up a more regular feature on whereby we shed light on a casino every...Read More

FEB - 10 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

Online pokies as they are known in this part of the world are extremely popular with all types of players. Whether it is your first time at an online casino or you are an experienced gambler, you are sure to...Read More

FEB - 10 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

The gambling industry in New Zealand has finally taken off with both offline and online gambling recording record breaking revenues. This would imply that more and more kiwis are gravitating towards the casinos trying their luck at real money casino...Read More

JAN - 21 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

If you are looking to start your online gambling journey then online pokies are probably the best place to start off with. Online slots are wrapped in great graphics, come with amazing sound effects and are always based on some...Read More

JAN - 13 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

We live in a world where it is possible to have online pokies based on numerous themes from tv shows to movies to video games. It comes as no surprise that their food themed online pokies as well. These online...Read More

JAN - 07 - 2020Author: Chistopher Abela

Superheroes are more prevalent that ever. Residing mainly on comic books, superheroes have successfully transitioned onto the big screen with movies such as Avengers breaking a billion dollars at the cinema. It was therefore only a matter of time before...Read More

JAN - 01 - 2020Author: Piers Daubeney

Kiwis are facing a rather peculiar situation when it comes to online gambling. While the interest in this industry is at an all time high with record revenue being recorded in the last 18 months, the government it seems is...Read More

DEC - 28 - 2019Author: Chistopher Abela

Another name has been added to the ever-growing list of online casinos available to Kiwis. SkyCity Entertainment Group have launched their online platform by the name of which is now available to players in New Zealand. The site is...Read More

DEC - 07 - 2019Author: Piers Daubeney

Playing at a casino whether it is land based or online can be quite addictive. The thrill of hitting the jackpot or beating the dealer can keep the player from exiting the casino. Apart from the addictive nature of gambling,...Read More

NOV - 28 - 2019Author: Chistopher Abela

For most part, playing at a casino means that you are relying on lady luck to be on your side. On some occasions the luck favours the brave while on others it can decide to call in a sick day....Read More

NOV - 21 - 2019Author: Piers Daubeney

Online gambling if done responsibly can be a great source of fun. The graphics for online casino games are top notch and the advances made in connectivity means that the games can be played from wherever you desire. The flip...Read More

NOV - 21 - 2019Author: Chistopher Abela

An illegal den was being operated in one of Auckland’s wealthiest suburbs. The croupier who managed to generate NZ $10,000 by operating the den was able to evade a fine because he had spent all the money. The croupier, a...Read More

SEP - 05 - 2019Author: Piers Daubeney

The NZ gambling market has been a fruitful one for offshore online casinos. These online casinos have thrived for several years by targeting multiple markets. More importantly they have avoided paying any taxes or complying with gambling regulations as they...Read More

AUG - 28 - 2019Author: Chistopher Abela

Big jackpot wins are mostly associated with North America and Europe but there quite a few big winners to be found in New Zealand as well. These jackpot winners came from both offline and online gambling but met with the...Read More

AUG - 21 - 2019Author: Piers Daubeney

The PGF Services counsellor for the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand is adamant that the government needs to do more to tackle problem gambling. Fiona Cambridge believes an update of the legislation is overdue to...Read More

AUG - 19 - 2019Author: Chistopher Abela

Advocates of gambling have spoken about the many benefits that the activity can provide not only to the individual but also the society. If practiced responsibly it can almost be considered a harmless activity that brings joy to individuals and...Read More

AUG - 15 - 2019Author: Piers Daubeney

Cristiano Ronaldo Let’s start off the list with arguable the biggest name in football right now. Think about how Michael Jordan changed the face of basketball and you will get an idea of the impact this man has made on...Read More

AUG - 11 - 2019Author: Chistopher Abela

The world of poker has attracted many musicians over the course of the year. Some come across as an obvious fit while some seem more obscure. Regardless of what genre of music they come from, it is evident that these...Read More

AUG - 04 - 2019Author: Piers Daubeney

Known for their sense of humour and the ability to captivate an audience with their intellect, here is a list of comedians that have given some serious thought into playing poker. Once they sit on the poker table, their penchant...Read More

JUL - 29 - 2019Author: Chistopher Abela

What do you do once you have conquered the big screen, how do you recapture the rush , the thrill that one gets when playing a character in a movie. The answer at least for these Hollywood actors is simple...Read More

JUL - 22 - 2019Author: Piers Daubeney