Top Online Pokies Based on Cartoon Shows

Chistopher Abela

Posted On:   FEB - 19 - 2020

Reading Time: 11 minutes


You have online pokies based on videogames, superheroes, animals and it was inevitable that you would see cartoon themed online pokies as well. We have all grown up watching cartoons and some still continue to do so. For the team here at, we personally love the cartoons from the Hanna-Barbara which included hits such as the Flintstones and Jetsons.

You will certainly have your own favourites as well in this article we list down six of the most popular cartoon themed online pokies that you can play right now. Let’s start off the list with none other than the family from Bedrock!

theflintstones-onlineslot1. The Flintstones Online Pokies

Produced by Hanna-Barbara and first beamed to tv screens all across the globe in the 60’s, Flintstones were an instant hit. The main premise of the show was set during the stone age and revolved around two families – The Flintstone and their neighbours, The Rubbles. The main character, Fred Flintstone was a blue collar worker with a strong addiction towards bowling. Each episode mostly revolved around either how Fred would have to use his somewhat limited intelligence to overcome obstacles thrown at him.

To give you a sense of its popularity, the Flintstones has two theme parks in the US and was named as the third best animated comedy series of all time by Times magazine. It would be safe to say that Fred Flintstone is one of the most recognizable characters of all time.
Given its popularity it was only a matter of time before it was converted into an online slot. That slot was created by WMS in 2010 and is a 5 reel game with 20 pay lines. The player gets to see two main screens, one which shows the main game while the displays the bonus features of the slot.

As a player you have three main rounds that you can active. The ‘Bedrock Bowling’ feature is based around the bowling exploits of Fred. You are required to choose a bowling ball and each ball comes with its own multiplier. If you are successful in getting a strike, then you win the amount with the multiplier attached.

Next up we have the ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ (we dare you to say that without shouting it!) feature where the player gains extra wilds for the round. With this feature, the size of the slot expands from having four symbols per reel to six. This continues to expand to eight symbols increasing your chance of winning!

Last we have the ‘Bam Bam’ feature which also gives you an extra set of wilds. While the wilds may not be as much as the previous feature, you still get an increased chance of winning.

As online pokies go, this successfully captures the humour of the show. The graphics and soundtrack are top notch as well helping to increase the dose of nostalgia.

thejetsons-onlineslot2. The Jetsons

You cannot list the Flintstones without having the Jetsons follow it up. Unlike the Bedrock family that was set in the stone age, this cartoon takes you all the way into the future. A future where cars are replaced by flying spaceships and robot helpers are valuable members of the family. Created by Hanna-Barbara, the show takes place in the fictional town of Orbit City and revolves around George Jetson and his family.

Similar to the Flintstones, the Jetsons were a smash hit and were the highest rated show for Cartoon Network for over a decade. The show has had multiple iterations over the years but sadly a full feature film has yet to be made. We feel that the technology is certainly there to convert this classic cartoon into a Hollywood blockbuster!

WMS have been quick to realise the enormous potential of these cartoons and came up with the Jetsons slot in 2014. The slot has 5 reels, 20 pay lines and displays symbols based on the main characters including George, Jane, Judy, Elroy and even Astro, the family’s lovable dog.

Another key feature is the use of Rosie which acts as a wild In the slot and can create some huge wins. There is bonus feature akin to that found in the Wheel of Fortune. You are required to spin the wheel that is broken down into 16 segments with each segment holding a different prize.

familyguy-onlineslot3. Family Guy

Moving away from the family friendly humour of the Hanna-Barbara cartoons, the next slot on the list brought to you by Seth MacFarlane. Considered by many as the grown up version of the Simpsons, Family Guy is set in the fictional town of Quahog. It revolves around the Griffin family which includes a talking dog and a baby bent on world domination.

The show has been running strong for 18 seasons, has won 5 Emmys and continues to draw in millions of viewers per episode. It also has the distinct honour of starting the mature animated genre in American television history!

IGT are responsible for bringing this hit tv show into your favourite online casinos. The slot was launched in 2014 and offers 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Bet sizes go from NZ $1 to the insanely high NZ $1500 per spin. There are seven different bonus features that you can land upon with each feature based on a popular character from the show.

If you are lucky to land a wild bonus symbol anywhere on the three middle reels then a further Family Guy Bonus feature will be triggered. Clicking on the displayed globe will open up three more bonuses which include the ‘Drunken Clam Bonus’, ‘Chicken Fight! Bonus’ and ‘ Loi’s Hot Free Spins’ bonus.

The best bit about the slot is that it is beautifully designed and offers smooth gameplay. Add the soundtrack lifted straight from the tv show and you have a slot with fantastic bonuses!

southpark-onlineslot4. South Park

Sticking to the mature theme, next up we have the South Park online slot. Based on the adventures of 4 boys i.e Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan, the show has gained notoriety for its crude and dark humour. The show does not hold back when talking about controversial topics including making fun of celebrities (Mecha-Streisand anyone?)

The show has been running for 22 seasons with the 23rd set to premier in September. In terms of milestones, the cartoon has aired more than 300 episodes, picked up 5 Emmys and has been rated the 3rd greatest cartoon of all time by Channel 4. Time magazine even labelled it as America’s best source of rapid-fire satire. One can even say that success of Comedy Central has been heavily reliant on this cartoon alone.

The cartoon was converted into an online slot by NetEnt in 2012. It offers players 5 reels, 25 pay lines and bet sizes between NZ $0.25 to NZ $150. The bonus features are named after each character.

In Kenny’s bonus feature, the play is given 3 lives and is required to guide Kenny across 3 different zones (Win, Multiplier, Danger). The feature comes to a close when all 3 lives have been used up or when Kenny has reaches the last zone. You will receive 556 times your original stake once you have reached the end.

Lifting a storyline straight from the cartoon, in Stan’s bonus feature the character pukes on Wendy to activate sticky wilds. The sticky wild symbols stays for a total of 2 spins and the number of wilds determine your winnings. The maximum being 30 times your original stake.
For Kyle’s bonus feature, you are awarded 10 Free Spins. This is followed by Kyle kicking Ike the baby who crashes into one of the 5 prizes below which include more free spins and multipliers!

Last but not least is a bonus based on our favourite character, Eric Cartman. The bonus feature sees Cartman looking through eight different bushes in search for hippies. Each bush holds a prize that can include multipliers and cash prizes. While searching for hippies, you will need to stay from the police as getting caught twice will bring a close to the bonus round.

We absolutely love the cartoon and were pleasantly surprised when we laid our hands on this slot. The game accurately captures the look and feel of the show and provide a soundtrack that mirrors the show’s theme. Online pokies done right!

pinkpanther-onlineslot5. The Pink Panther

Heading back into the 60’s, this famous cartoon revolves around a panther. The most striking feature of the animal is its pink colour and the fact that it does not engage in dialogue through the show. Later versions of the show introduced vocal lines which we felt took away from the comedy of the show. Some would argue that the opening theme music composed by Henry Mancini is even more popular than the show itself!

The game was first introduced by Playtech in 2014 and has 5 reels and 50 pay lines with betting denominations ranging from NZ $0.01 per line and up to NZ $2 per line. The colour palette used in the game is predominantly pink and the game uses symbols including Inspector Clouseau, bombs, paw prints and Little Man.

Pink Panther acts as a wild symbol that replaces all symbols on the reel except for the scatter symbol. The wild also has a huge pay out available when it lands multiple times on a pay line. If you are lucky to have the wild land on pay line two or more times then you have chance of winning between 15 and 5000 your stake!

There are a few other bonuses available in the game as well including the ‘Pink Pow’, ‘Crack the Pink Code’, ‘Wheel of Pink’ and the ‘Colour Pink’ bonus. You also have an opportunity to take part in the ‘Pink Trail’ feature which replicates the scene premise from the movies whereby you are required to guide Clouseau to the pink diamond.

thesimpsons-onlineslot6. The Simpsons

Last on our list is cartoon show that has entertained millions of viewers around the world for a good few decades. This is a cartoon that is considered as an integral part of American culture. Such is the popularity of this show that certain phrases used in the show have been included in the dictionary such as embiggens (meaning to make bigger or more expansive).

The show has been a cash cow for the FOX network and is centred upon the Simpsons family in the town of Springfield. The show’s most distinctive feature is the use of the colour yellow to depict the residents of the town.

A five-reel slot that uses the expanded 5×5 layout, the aesthetics are more akin to a grid than a set of reels. The symbols used in the game include major characters as well as popular items such as pink sprinkled doughnuts, three eyed fish, Santa’s little helper and Duff beer. The game has wilds that can change with each spin and trigger random bonuses such as Itchy and Scratchy or Marge.

Different locations from the cartoon are used for the slot. You may find yourself playing at the power plant at one stage only to be at the Kwik-E Mart with Apu the next time. Loyal fans of the show will surely appreciate the attention to detail with both the graphics and sound effects.

Bonus features are activated when you line up three or more of the pink doughnuts. Landing the on the corners activates the doughnut bonus wheel. Further hilarity ensues as you play as Homer trying to catch the floating sprinkles! Moe’s tavern also makes an appearance in the game. You play as Bart and get to choose which catch phrase to use when calling the irritable bartender. You are awarded cash prizes for using catchphrases when pranking Moe. Cowabunga!

We had a blast putting this list together and hope that you enjoyed it to. You can play most if not all of these online pokies at Voodoo Dreams, Platinum Play and Casimba.