9 Unusual Lucky Charms Used by Gamblers to Win at Casinos

Chistopher Abela

Posted On:   MAR - 10 - 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In our post for 5 Lucky Rituals for Winning at the NZ Casino we wrote about the casino tips and tricks that gamblers use to win at online casinos. Some were fairly standard while other seemed a bizarre. In this post we go global and talk about 10 lucky charms that are used by gamblers from all over the world.

1.Cat’s Eye

This lucky charm hails from South East Asia, more specifically from India with the belief that if you have the cat’s eye stone in your pocket then you will be blessed with ever-lasting fortune. This is an interesting gem and players believe that it comes with metaphysical powers and properties. The cat’s eye stone ‘Chrysoberyl’ also known as Lehsunina or Vaidurya is the gemstone of the planet Ketu or South Node of the Moon. This gem is a favourite amongst gamblers as it can help with restoring lost wealth.


The Tumi is a sacrificial ceremonial axe that was used by the Inca and pre-Inca cultures in the Peruvian coastal region. A national symbol of Peru, the axe is characterised by a semi-circular blade made of either bronze, silver, gold alloy, wood or copper. An object of immense beauty, its true purpose was to be used during religious ceremonies where the High Priest would use the axe to open up a black or white llama’s chest and pull out the beating heart of the animal. In performing the ritual, the High Priest would obtain powers allowing him to foretell the future. Gamblers are known to carry replicas of the Tumi in hopes that it will bring them good luck.

3.Three-legged Toad

A contrast in terms of beauty when compared to the Tumi, the three-legged, red eyed toad is considered a good luck charm in China. Referred to as Jin Chan or Chan Chu, the purpose of this ‘Money Toad’ or ‘Money Frog’ ornament is to keep homes and business immune to bad luck and to bring prosperity to the home that it resides in. However, there are certain conditions that must be followed when using this ornament for good luck which include never keeping it in the bathroom, dining room or kitchen. It should also never be kept facing the main door of the property that it resides in. Personally, we could never think of keeping such an odd looking statue in our office but you can always give it a try and let us know if it brings about a change in your fortune 😊

4.Carp Scale

It is a tradition in Poland to eat carp on Christmas Eve and to keep the scales in your wallet. Keeping the scales is meant to bring good fortune and prosperity along with some odd smells every time you open the wallet.

5.Rabbit’s Foot

You must have certainly come across this being used as a lucky charm. The rabbit’s foot is a popular choice amongst gamblers dating back to the 600BC and is used across China, Africa and the Americas. As is the case with the three-legged toad, the rabbit’s foot has its requirements to be able to guarantee good luck. It needs to be the left hind foot as the left is meant to be the ‘evil’ side.

6.Alligator’s Teeth

Right up there with the shark tooth as a questionable fashion choice, wearing alligator teeth around the neck is considered to bring good luck. The origins are believed to be in voodoo, and the animal’s ability to keep hold of its prey which in this particular case might refer to the jackpot that you will no doubt end up hitting while wearing it.

7.Scarab Beetles

Scarab beetles are associated with the sun god, Ra who is known to maintain the functioning of the sun across the sky that is making sure that it rolls on every day. Similarly, scarabs keep their larvae well-nourished by rolling dung across the grass. Not only where scarab shaped amulets used to protect the wearer from evil but in modern days, they are meant to represent rebirth and transformation. This implies that by wearing them you shed your old unlucky skin and wear a brand new one that will help you win big at the casino floor.

8.Vulture Heads

Vultures have earned their scavenger status by circling around dead bodies that have been discarded by the bigger animals. It seems odd that there would be a connection between this animal and good luck but those of a rather superstitious nature swear upon its magical prowess. They believe that the keen eye of the animal allows it to see in the future that they can smell success or fortune from far away. As a result, the demand for a vulture’s head in South Africa is at an all time high with good examples fetching upto $1000!


One of the more conventional, everyday items on the list the mighty ladder is a superstitious object whereby people avoid walking under them. In Ancient Egypt they were placed on the tombs of the dead to help the departed souls make their way to heaven. Unlike the other items on the list, the ladders can be purchased with ease, but we are not quite sure how you would sneak it inside a casino without being stopped at some point!

As is the case with any form of lucky charms, the items on the list do not guarantee wins. They might lift your mood, but you need to exercise sound judgement and know when these charms might not be working for you.