Top Online Casinos NZ that Accept Poli as a Payment Method

Piers Daubeney

Posted On:   MAR - 14 - 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

poli_online_payment_logoWhen visiting an online casino, you are most likely to make a deposit using the more traditional banking options. For New Zealand and Australia, there is another payment method by the name of POLi that is extremely popular. The payment method is accepted by the majority of the banks such as Bank of Melbourne, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ME Bank, Bankwest, ANZ, Bank Direct, Bank of New Zealand.

It has negligible fees for both the casinos and players. You can use it to for online shopping, topping up your e-wallet and making a deposit at online casinos. It is the ideal solution for those that do not have any credit or debit cards.

Fist step to using POLi is making sure that you have an active online banking account. The bank account should have sufficient funds in order to cover the expenses associated with your purchase. No sensitive bank details are shared with the vendor be it an online casino or ecommerce site. The vendor or the merchant immediately received a receipt which allows them to process the order as quickly as possible.

Using POLi to Play at an Online Casino

Step 1 : Creating an Account

There is no need to create an account beforehand. All you have to do is visit an online casino of your choice and select POLi from the list of available payment methods. Once you click on POLi a window will pop up prompting you to fill in the required information. You will be required to select the bank you have an account with and then to log onto the same bank account online to confirm the transaction.

Step 2: Deposits

Follow the same procedure as in Step 1. You choose POLi at the online casino, log into your bank account to confirm the transaction and be greeted with an email if it has been successful. The online casino will also be notified if the procedure has worked.

Step 3: Withdrawals

POLi is primarily used for making life easy when it comes to deposits. A withdrawal option is not available which is the one major drawback that is associated with this payment method. Our advice would be to check with customer support and select a withdrawal option that is most convenient for you.

Advantages of Using POLi


With matters relating to financial transactions, security must be kept at the top of the agenda. The biggest advantage with POLi is that no sensitive details are exchanged with the online casino. This means there is next to no chance of our details being misused. As you are not required to create an account, POLi does not collect usernames, passwords or bank information. You are simply given access to your bank account via POLi’s servers. Furthermore, all the information is SSL 2048-bit encrypted.

Speed, Fees and Top Up Limits

One of the main reasons for using POLi is the convenience it offers. We have already discussed how no account is required to use POLi that transactions are completed instantly. A receipt is delivered to the respective parties allowing you to log onto your favouite game in no time. POLi also does not charge you for using its service. However certain banks might impose a fee so always best to read the terms and conditions of the bank you are using.

Disadvantages of Using POLi

No Withdrawal Option

This is major drawback of using POLi. While it makes deposits easy and convenient for the user it provides no such option when it comes to withdrawals. You will be required to select another withdrawal method from the list provided by the casino.

Limited Availability

Last but not least, any payments that are made via POLi are irrevocable, so you need to be 100% sure of the payment you are about to make.
Despite the limitations, we still feel that POLi is a good alternative to have as it provides you with a convenient to use and secure payment methods. It would be best to go through list of top online casinos to see which ones provide you with the ability to deposit using POLi.