How to play an Online Scratch Card

Julie Bowring

Posted On:   AUG - 21 - 2018

Reading Time: 4 minutes

As far as simple casino games go, online scratch cards are right at the very top with uncomplicated rules and a gameplay that literally requires you to peel away a card to reveal the content underneath. At its biggest payout, an online scratch card can return up to 50 times your bet which is what makes it so exciting as such a simple game can potentially reveal big rewards for the user.

Traditional scratch cards follow the same rules as the online version. They are the most accessible form of gambling available which require almost no skill. Given the nature of traditional scratch cards, they offer very little variation with even the National Lottery versions being like the rest of the cards available. The lack of variation is what leads players to online casinos where they can try their luck at online scratch cards.

For starters the online cards come in different guises often with colourful animation and graphics and offer prizes that dwarf those being offered by your local supermarkets and news agents. Furthermore, the online scratch cards provide instant results with only a click of the button whereas with the traditional ones, you have to make the effort to visit the shop or news agent and then peel them off.

Rules of Online Scratch Cards

To start a game of online scratch card, you are required to place a wager by clicking on the plus or minus symbol of the coin selector. Once the wager has been placed you are required to click on the ‘New Card’ button and upon doing so a new card will appear on the screen. Then you scratch away!  This can be done by using the mouse which somewhat recreates the excitement if you were scratching a physical card with a coin. For the less impatient, you can click on ‘Show Card’ button which scratches the card instantly.

Upon scratching the card, six boxes are revealed which will have symbols like 1X, 10X, or 50X in each one. To win a game of online scratch card you need to have three of the same symbols on the card. Having three 1x symbols means you win your full bet, having 2x means you win twice your wager and so on. The biggest bet that can be won is if you have three 50x symbols which means you have won 50 times your bet. The takeaway here is that if you end up getting three symbols in a row then the prize is the amount wagered multiplied by the number on the symbol.

What are Best Online Scratch Card Games

Given the simple nature of online scratch cards it is difficult to determine what constitutes a good scratch card game. For some it will be overall look and feel of the game while others might favour the probability of winning or even the size of the potential prize that can be won.

Merlin’s Millions is a casino game that ticks all the three boxes above. Not only is it a beautiful game to look at but it also gives you the opportunity to win NZD $200,000 by matching three symbols. With such great odds and an equally great prize on offer, you will have to part ways with a lot of cash – NZD $200 per wager to have a shot at the massive jackpot.

In other countries such as the UK, Deal or No Deal is immensely popular. The game follows the format of the television show with the same name which requires you to walk away with what you have won or gamble everything on a ‘Lucky Box’. The catch here is that you are required to match five $25K symbols to be able to win that amount.

If you like your casino games based on comics, then look no further as PlayTech has created an online scratch card game on one of Marvel’s most popular characters – Iron Man. The game entitled ‘Iron Man 2 Scratch’ requires you to match three reactor symbols vertically, horizontally or diagonally. By achieving this you will be able to beat Thanos and restore all life on earth! Back in the real world, achieving this feat makes you NZD $10 richer.

If marvel comics are a bit too exciting for you then you need to make your way towards Emmerdale: Road to the Wool-Pack (quite a mouthful to say!) Like the TV show that it is based upon, you are required to match three symbols to win the prize which includes a 1000x multiplier!