Lotto NZ – What to Consider When Choosing an Online Lottery

Julie Bowring

Posted On:   SEP - 10 - 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Players are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what type of lottery to play ranging from regional and national lotteries to overseas lottos and instant win scratch cards. Before you delve into the world of lottery it is important to decide which type of online lotto nz product you want to participate in.

Lotto NZ – Number Draw or Instant Win

The first thing to consider when playing an online lotto is whether you want to play a game that gives you the results instantly also termed as ‘instant win’ or a ‘wait for number draw’ game. The obvious benefit of an instant win game is finding out whether you have succeeded in winning the prize at that very moment. The odds of winning a scratch card are also higher compared to the conventional lottery.

If you do have the patience and can wait for the weekly or bi-weekly draws then the number draw lotto is the game for you as it provides you with the opportunity to win a more lucrative prize. Leading online casinos in New Zealand will you scratch card games, taking advantage of licensing deals with recognisable names like Monopoly. They will also allow you to enter the weekly draws as well giving you the best of both worlds.

Lotto NZ – Size of the Jackpot

The size of the jackpot is often a deciding factor when deciding what lottery to consider as they can vary significantly from thousands to millions of dollars. Case in point is the UK lotto market where the National Lottery can provide jackpots worth millions whereas the top Health Lottery extends the prize up to £100,000. Each lottery operator will have the star or showcase lottery that will grab most of the attention offering the biggest prize money but will also host smaller lotteries as well.

Thunder Ball and Lotto Hot Picks can be considered the smaller lotteries offered in the UK with the spotlight set on the core Lotto draw. Taking the prize money to the next level are the transnational lotteries such as Euro Jackpot that offer prizes between €10 – 90 million whereas EuroMillions can take the prize money up to a whopping €190 million. The size of the jackpot also depends on the rollover and in the US multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions can offer jackpots in excess of the $100 million mark.

The emergence of online concierge services has dramatically opened up the market of online lotteries as these establishments maintain offices in various operating countries. As a result, their staff can purchase lottery tickets in person on behalf of the online players. This opens a whole new world of lotteries for players that might not even be resident of the country where the lottery is being held.

Lotto NZ – Odds of Winning and Prize Tiers

The size of the jackpot is a big factor in deciding what type of lotto to play however the odds of hitting the jackpot in a major lottery are very slim indeed. It therefore makes sense to create some sort of a strategy around what to play even considering smaller lotteries as the probability of hitting the jackpot is higher. The overall mechanics of a lottery are the same where the player is required to core line of numbers and sometimes one or two bonus stars / balls. Hitting the bonus stars / balls along with the core line lead to an even bigger win for the player.

For example, for the La Primitiva, players are required to select 6 numbers out of 49 and are also given a ‘Reintegro’ number. The odds of hitting the right combination (6 numbers plus Reintegro) are one in 139 million. The SuperEnalotto requires the player to select 6 numbers out of 90 along with an extra number. The odds of hitting the 6 numbers plus the ‘SuperStar’ number are 1 in 622 million.

The UK lottery has the most favourable odds of 1 in 13 million as the players are required to select 6 numbers out of 59 along with a bonus number. The smaller jackpot in the UK lottery is reflective of the more favourable odds when compared to their European counterparts.You should also consider the prize tiers when choosing a lotto NZ product. Opting for smaller prizes that require matching 3 to 4 numbers instead of the 6 mentioned earlier can prove to be fruitful.