Avoid Operators that Use COVID-19 in their Promotions | Online Casino NZ

Chistopher Abela

Posted On:   MAY - 27 - 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

To say that 2020 has gotten off to a bad start would be an understatement. Just when our neighbours in Australia were getting a grip on the forest fires, the world was introduced to the pandemic that is COVID-19 (corona virus)

Countries from all over the world have been adversely affected by the pandemic with everyday lives being brought to a standstill. An activity as simple as interacting with your friends or going for a walk now seems like a distant.

In the wake of all of this, New Zealand as a country has done extremely well to limit the damage done by the virus. This is especially true when you consider the havoc COVID-19 has caused in Italy, UK and USA.

Despite us kiwis doing our best to fight against the virus, there will always be a rogue online casino NZ that is taking advantage of the situation. As per the New Zealand based organization that offers support to gambling addicts, The Salvation Army has reported cases of casinos using COVID-19 in their promotional material.

These rogue operators have come up with banners, landing pages and even lock down themed offers in a bit to attract players to their site. We would like to appeal to all gambling enthusiasts to avoid falling for these despicable tactics. There are enough reputable online casinos in New Zealand that you can play at right now that are not resorting to these tactics.

Stick to a licensed, regulated online casino NZ and avoid the rogue operators that are using dirty tactics to get you to play. It makes us shudder to think what other tricks they have up their sleeve to swindle your money if they can stoop this low to as to use the virus in their promotional material.

Spanish Gambling Industry Tackles Rogue Operators

Similarly, in Spain, the gambling industry have restricted all marketing efforts that are targeting those under lock down. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Spain, in consultation with the council of Ministers came up with the decision to ban all gaming related marketing until the virus has truly been defeated.

The Spanish gambling industry has expressed concerns over casinos targeting vulnerable players who are stuck at home and are desperate to earn money via online gambling.

UK Keeping Close Eye on Vulnerable Gamblers

In the UK, the Betting and Gambling Council (BGC) has crafted strategies to support gamblers in such difficult times. The council is expected to intervene if they feel the time and money spent wagering on casinos undergoes a huge disparity when compared to pre virus levels. BCG are adamant on stopping on casinos who aim to prey on desperate gamblers.

Rogue Online Casino NZ Checklist

We would request that you stay vigilant during these testing times and follow the checklist below when embarking upon your next gambling adventure –

  1. Casinos that have significantly increased their advertisement. This could be in the form of customer retention marketing (CRM) emails that you are receiving as an existing player. Some casinos will deploy sneaky tactics in the form of ‘too good to be true’ bonuses and promotions in an effort to get you to play
  2. Casinos that have removed no deposit limits. Gambling can be a slippery slope if you are not careful and regulated casinos will have deposit limits to curtail addiction. If you come across a casino that let’s you bet till you go broke, then avoid that casino.
  3. Non Licensed casinos. As a general rule, we would only advise you to play at casinos that are regulated. All casinos that you see at newcasinos.co.nz meet that golden rule and we will never list a casino that is not licensed by a reputable body.

We hope that you follow these three basic rules when playing at NZ casinos. There will always be a rotten apple in the bunch and you need to avoid taking a bite out of it regardless of how tempting it might seem.