NZ Casinos ReOpen | Country is Virus Free Claims Prime Minister

Julie Bowring

Posted On:   JUL - 01 - 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardeen recently declared that the country is coronavirus free and considering this, the restrictions imposed on the country had been lifted.

New Zealand’s biggest casino group SkyCity Entertainment Group that owns three casinos, has now opened up for business. The casinos now don’t need to follow the social distancing and other safety measures due non severity of the coronavirus pandemic.

In its latest official filings, the Wellington and Sydney listed casino operator shared more details about the re-opening of its venues.

The SkyCity Entertainment was fast to react towards opening their venues shortly after the NewZealand government lowered the nation’s level four coronavirus alert warning to least dangerous level one.

The level one warning does not have the current coronavirus related safety measures and restrictions.

SkyCity Entertainment is New Zealand’s leading entertainment and gaming company. It was established in 1996, Auckland by taking over the operation of Harrah’s Entertainment complex within the Skycity Auckland complex. Later in 2000, the company acquired Adelaide Casino Property growing its footprint in the casino industry.

They also added SkyCity Queenstown resort to strengthen their luxury property portfolio. As the firm grew stronger, it purchased Darwin Casino and Hotel from MGM Mirage and later rechristened to SkyCity Darwin.

Post lifting the lockdown and lowering the coronavirus alert by the New Zealand government, the firm reopened its Auckland based gambling venue Skycity Auckland which happens to be the biggest casino in the nation located in central Auckland.

The casino has over one thousand slot machines and over one hundred tables to host table games.

Another feather in the cap of SkyCity is its Hamilton venue which was opened in 2002. The venue has one of the best bars and restaurants along with live musical performance.

In terms of casino games, it has approximately three hundred gaming machines along with twenty-three gaming tables. The firm also has a Queenstown property that was established in the year 2000. It has approximately eighty-six slot machines and twelve gaming tables.

It was on 23rd March 2020 that as per government orders Skycity Entertainment group had to shut down its three venues due to coronavirus pandemic.

After twenty-six days the firm was given permission to open partially by the New Zealand government in its updated health management framework. As per the new framework, the casino was mandated to divide its venue into multiple zones to follow social distancing norms.

During this time all three venues welcomed their guests by following social distancing. Even the casino operators were mandated to maintain sufficient distance from the players. The players also had to operate the pokies machines by wearing gloves and only one person at a time was allowed.

Now that the pandemic warning level has dropped to one, SkyCity Entertainment can now operate without following the social distancing norms and operate on normal working hours.