NZ Casinos Strengthen Tourism in the Country

Chistopher Abela

Posted On:   JUL - 15 - 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Tourism is one of the most lucrative income sources for a lot of countries. Tourism happens when the country offers something memorable and exciting for travellers and explorers.

These could be famous landmarks, museums, ancient cathedrals, beaches, forests, etc. There are also places that are attractive for travelers mainly because of the exciting gambling venues and clubs that they offer. Looking at the success in cities like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, many countries started permitting land-based betting.

In New Zealand, The Betting Demonstration 2003 stated that one of the reasons to facilitate gambling clubs is to further strengthen the travel industry of the nation.

So this brings up a lot of questions. Is there substantial proof behind this methodology? How is the travel industry in New Zealand impacted by the betting business? Is Online gambling suitable in this condition?

The attractiveness of Gambling Clubs

So can casino and gambling clubs be a pull factor for travellers?

This depends a lot on the quality of casino experience and entertainment provided by the clubs. For example, the cities famous for gambling like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Atlantic city attract the best gamblers from around the world because of the exquisite gambling experience offered by these cities. The betting scene is so widely spread that many hotel properties are called betting hotels.

In comparison, the betting business in New Zealand cannot go as widespread as these cities because there are very limited clubs present in the country and they are located far away from each other. The only exception is Queenstown which has two land-based gambling clubs. In total New Zealand has six land-based gambling clubs.

Travellers preferences in New Zealand

When it comes to tourists, one of the studies conducted on inbound travel 2019 showed that 39.6% of tourists came from Australia. Now Australia already has the famous Gold Coast and The Star club resort, so it is highly unlikely that the Australian tourists came to New Zealand for the sole purpose of gambling.

Another insight showed that it could be the New Zealand citizens themselves who were interested in urban communities that have clubs, like Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, and Queens town. So this further negates the possibility of International tourists visiting New Zealand for betting.

Also with the introduction of online gambling, New Zealanders can now play their favourite casino games at the comfort of their home. There is also the advantage of spending less as online casinos are much cheaper compared to the land-based casinos.

Casinos as a National Trait

Australia and New Zealand were awarded the title of the highest number of virtual players who were playing online casinos than any other country in the world. These players also spend a good amount of money playing casino games.

So these countries bring good profit to all the betting sites. These findings were surprising as Australians were never known to be avid gamblers.


So to conclude there is no clear evidence of land-based casinos acting as a catalyst in substantially increasing the tourism of New Zealand. It is mostly the New Zealand citizens who visit these clubs and casinos to have a good time.